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GIFT SHOP: Funding the Creation of the Museum of Toronto?

Updated: Jan 13

The Old City Hall/Museum of Toronto Shop could become the first museum shop in history to exist before its museum's creation!

Toronto History Museums already have an online shop at: which the OCH/MoT Shop can add to.

Ideas for potential, unique products in the OCH/MoT Shop based on antique and vintage Toronto commercial art reproductions can be found at this writer's other site: 

Up to a quarter of museum revenues come from gift shops. They also shape visitors' expectations about what they will see in the museum (see:

Inspiration for the OCH/MoT Gift Shop can come from all over.

First are the benchmark shops of the Museum of London and the Museum of the City of New York The Museum of Toronto's shop can't match these in size but it can match their quality -- and come up with innovations of its own.

Next is the value of an architect-designed space which adds to the pleasure of shopping. The Art Gallery of Ontario's spacious, two-level shop is the result of Frank Gehry's redesign of the front of the building in 2004-2008. If the OCH / MoT Shop is created in a room or rooms with false ceilings removed so that E. J. Lennox's original, soaring ceilings with architectural details can be appreciated, this will be an architect-enhanced shopping experience as well.

Two other superb Toronto museum shops are inspiring because of their well-curated assortment of goods which reflect the nature of their collections: the Textile Museum of Canada (see: and the Gardiner Museum

For the best all-Toronto shopping, nothing beats Spacing Media's "Spacing" Store at: Its latest delightful Toronto history book is a celebration of antique and vintage Toronto commercial art: "Packaged Toronto: A Collection Of The City's Historic Design" by publisher Matthew Blackett and senior or former senior staff with Toronto History Museums: Wayne Reeves and Alexandra Avdichuk.

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