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POSSIBLE Benefits for Friends

Updated: Jan 11

Eventually, Friends of Old City Hall could have membership dues which entitle people to tax receipts and the satisfaction of knowing that they are supporting a great civic centre. What else?

#1: An online newsletter with monthly updates about progress with construction; statistics about numbers of visitors, tour groups, weddings and receptions held in rented rooms; announcements of upcoming exhibitions in the Museum of Toronto; news of new products in the OCH/Museum of Toronto (MoT) gift shop; coupons from shops and dining facilities in OCH; announcements of upcoming events in the building; and reports about funds raised by the Friends such as through volunteer tour guiding.

#2: Freebies from corporate sponsors (such as Toronto-based candy and cookie manufacturers?)

#4: Access to a members' lounge / workroom for volunteers working in the building?

#5: First dibs on tickets to exceptionally desirable events such as a Roaring '20s fundraising Ball?

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