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EVENTS: Beer, Wine or Champagne-priced

Updated: Jan 12

It's 2026 and the hottest social event of the year in Toronto is the official, partial re-opening of Old City Hall. Some of the most talented, intriguing people in the world who also happen to be Torontonians, past or present, will be there! Ie., Abel, Anne, Ann-Marie, Aubrey, Catherine, David, Howie, Isabel, Jim, Joni, Keanu, the Levy's, Lily, Margaret, Matty, Maureen, Mike, Rachel, Samantha, Sarah, Shawn, Simu and Yannick to name a few.

A quartet formed of members of Tafelmusik will perform chamber music adaptations of Toronto songwriters' works -- including Shawn Mendes' "In the Blood" which was turned into chamber music for the "Bridgerton" series. What will Drake and the Weeknd perform?

Long before this champagne-priced event, how many more affordable events can be organized in the grand entry hall, former City Council chamber or spacious bar/restaurant?

Since the City can earn good money by renting out space to cafes/restaurant/bars, maybe the Friends of Old City Hall can encourage at least one restaurant or bar to feature monthly special group gatherings? Such as Crown Attorneys' Night, Defence Counsels' Night and certainly a Court Staff's Night in light of OCH's decades as a criminal court?

With the huge numbers of people moving into downtown condos plus the central location of OCH, Friends can help turn the building into a hive of pleasant activity most days and nights.

PLEASE NOTE: The goblet with the raccoon logo is from brew-pub Bandit Brewery One of my souvenirs of Toronto to take to distant friends are beer glasses featuring Bandit's great design of the city's patron critter. It would be very Toronto-centric if Bandit Brewery eventually creates a pub in OCH with its cost of rent subsidized by all the merch it sells!

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